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Working out while juicing

Yesterday was my first true workout while on my juicing fast.  I had gone to the gym Sunday night, but I only did about 25 minutes of indoor cycling and some ab exercises.  I didn’t want to make myself too sore for last night’s workout, so I kept my Sunday workout pretty low-key.

Before I go into my energy levels, let me begin by saying that I work at a football stadium, and one of the perks is that employees get to do group stadium workouts for free with certified trainers who give us various stadium and weight-lifting exercises to perform.  I’ve only recently started going to these workouts, and I really enjoy it.  Here’s what last night’s workout entailed:

  • 5 minute warm-up of jogging on the field (end zone to end zone)
  • 2 minutes (divided into 30 second increments) of plank/bridge at 50 yard line and run to end zone and back
  • 10 walking lunges at 50 yard line and run to end zone and back-2x
  • Run from the field up to the top row of the stadium and back down-2x
  • Various squats, squat-presses, over-head triceps presses, and lunges with a dumbbell (Being the competitive person I am, I chose the 12 pound weight. It kicked my butt!)
  • Final 15 minutes is a variety of ab exercises

This workout lasts for an hour only, but I have never worked so hard in my life.  The running and weights I can handle; stairs is a whole different story.  My legs feel like the equivalent of spaghetti noodles when I’m done.  I enjoy it though.  Now that the sun stays out later, and the weather is a bit warmer, working out isn’t as grueling as it was in the winter months.

Now, moving on to my energy level.  I was so worried I was going to be low on energy, that I made sure to drink 8 oz. of my juice about 15 minutes before my workout.  That juice consisted of beets, carrots, strawberries, kale, and a few clementine tangerines.  All throughout my workout my energy remained pretty constant.  I felt great as I was running ( I usually end up walking towards the end of the hour, but I didn’t have to this time), and even though the stairs are always brutal, I pushed through it and made it to the top.

I think the most surprising thing was the fact that I wasn’t hungry after my workout.  I drank a cup of coconut water immediately after my workout to replenish my electrolytes, and I ended my night with a carrot, cucumber, celery, and clementine tangerine juice.

All in all, I was very surprised and satisfied with how well my first workout was while on this fast.  It proved to me that just because I’m not eating solid food, I am still getting the energy and nutrients I need to have a successful workout.  I’m going again tonight for round 2, so hopefully it goes just as well.



3 thoughts on “Working out while juicing

  1. The first time I did a work out on a juice fast I became super dizzy and my legs felt really, really weak. I think I wasn’t getting enough water with my juice though. That work out sounds pretty hard core! That’s cool you get those with your job though. A lot of people would pay big bucks for a work out like that.

    • Oh no! Ya, I have always had an issue with drinking an adequate amount of water, but I’ve been really mindful about it with this juicing fast. I just buy a big 1.5 liter of water, and I keep refilling it. That helps me remember to drink my water once I’m done with my juice. Plus, it helps keep the hunger cravings away.

      I do enjoy my workouts. They are intense, but the trainers also modify them to your ability, and they tell you to go at your own pace, which is good. 🙂

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